Document Id


Document Verification System

The registry has an online document verification system which confirms the authenticity of each and every document issued by the registry.

  1. Registry Issues original certificate to the business owner, this contains a unique document number. a copy of the original is retained on the registry server.
  2. The agent/business owner will set an limited access code on the registry's server.
  3. The agent/business owner sends the bank or 3rd party a document number along with the limited access code which allow's the bank or 3rd party to verify the document.
  4. The Bank or 3rd party goes to the Registry types in the document number and access code.
  5. The Bank or 3rd Party is able to retrieve the original document stored at the Registry.

Company Monitoring System

The registry has an online company monitoring system which tracks each and every change to a company, including changes in appointments and the share register, as well as the status of the company.

  1. The bank or 3rd Party can make a request to monitor a company.
  2. The request is sent to the Business Owner to approve the request.
  3. If the business owner grants the request the Bank or 3rd Party is informed that the monitoring request has been granted.
  4. From the time the request is approved the Bank or 3rd party will receive a report of any changes to the company via email. There is also an option to login and modify which notifications are received. The Bank or 3rd Party can also access a complete audit trail and company history online.